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Darius Brown

At the age of 28, Darius Brown is a passionate motivational speaker, entrepreneur, mentor, and author.  He delivers a dynamic level of intensity and inspiration, which compels his audience to effectively listen, fully understand his message, and immediately take action toward a fulfilled and better lifestyle. He has spoken at numerous private and public schools (K-12 grade), colleges, community centers, and churches throughout several cities in the U.S., helping people to recognize their gifts and to develop a vision for their lives.

Darius Brown is a catalyst in the area of gift, passion and purpose discovery. He has a heart of compassion to see youth live a life of fulfillment. After observing what many of the youth define as success, such as big houses, fancy cars and excess of material things, his mission is to defy that. The way he presents the answers to the problem for the masses of people who have not discovered their purpose is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.


From Darius’ Perspective:

“When I stopped working my last job in April of 2009, I had a dream in my heart that I would not work a job another day in my life. I finally understood that if someone can hire me and be a CEO, why can’t i be a CEO? I worked as a cashier in a bowling alley in South Florida, and I was very good at giving great customer service. While at home, I was sleeping on the floor in my little brother’s room because there were 13 people living in a 3 bedroom apartment. With no purpose discovery and vision for my life, the only thing I could pursue to make this situation easier was money. So I requested to work more hours, which my manager approved because I was a great employee. I started working 6 days a week almost 50 hrs a week. As I pursued money and more hours, something still felt like it was missing. I would work and get paid $9 per hour yet at the end of some of my shifts, my cash register would total to thousands of dollars. Then, I knew something was wrong. While I make $9 an hour chasing money to meet immediate bills, the visionaries who started the bowling alley company was making thousands of dollars a day. The point is, I was employed by other people’s vision, people who discovered their passion and developed a vision on how to make their gifts transferable for others to appreciate. You too can do the same thing because no one on this earth share your gift the way you do, and it is your responsibility to present your gifts to the world by developing a vision to impact the world with the dreams in your heart.

My life experiences have influenced my motivational speaking career. In the roughest part of northern New Jersey, Jersey City, I was raised by a single mother of five boys. When I was 10 years old, I was relocated to Miami, Florida with my family. After moving to South Florida, family and I experienced major financial hardships, being homeless and living with others for years until my family and I  had our own place to call home. I express these experiences through my speaking engagements, and life/business coaching to inspire and encourage others to know that despite anything, we can still be victorious in life.”


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