Forgive Me,Success: Life Guide 101  Darius Brown

Forgive Me, Success: Life Guide 101, addresses the pertinent components of this concept we call success. This Step-by-Step Life Guide reveals the mechanics of success and how it is composed of three main parts: Purpose, Vision, and Action. After reading this inspirational Life Guide, many will understand how to pursue an exhilarating and fulfilling way of lifeThis step-by-step life guide will start you on the journey to become employed by your vision.


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Feeling Motivated!

Feeling Motivated!First book of the New Year already read #DONE! And at the same time, I’m JUST BEGINNING! I feel so pumped up by what I just read in Forgive Me Success: Life Guide 101 by Darius Brown… who knew!?!? I was impacted by quite a few passages in this short, fascinating read. It helps shed light on the idea that “ Purpose discovery mainly comes by identifying the unique gifts you have been endowed with…” (pg. 3). That reminds me of a sermon topic or two about spiritual giftings. We each have them, and on page 5 Darius further specifies that “…our gifts penetrate other people’s souls, which causes them to react in gratitude…” For me personally, an example of this would be my gift of encouragement, the words I use to affirm others not only illicits a response of gratitude, but also propels them to continue in the direction they were already moving in, which might be more important than one realizes.Darius makes other points that further encourage, stating on page 18, “ Do not think about resource limitations when you write down the dream in your heart… The Creator has given you limitless potential to bring the gifts in your heart out to the physical world…By writing down the vision and establishing the things you would like to do in your lifetime, you open the door for opportunities and resources to come to you.” Excellent! Because thinking of the potential limitations can cloud your judgement and ability to move forward. On pg 23 he reminds us of the importance of “writing down the vision and making it plain and simple.” That word simple unlocked the door to my thought processes. It made me think… bite sized pieces, one step at a time. If that wasn’t encouraging enough he confidently declares the personification that “Vision itself has an attitude to defy the circumstances of what is seen and to bring the unseen to the physical realm.” Which reminds me to just trust God & OPEN UP YOUR MIND LADY! NO LIMITS! lol Also, I have plenty attitude anyway, I think Vision and I will understand each other perfectly.Here’s the part that really struck me: Darius moves us from just thinking about our vision to practice on Pg 24, where he also makes a good point about moving forward stating that “Writing down the vision is the first part of action, but it can also be the most intimidating part.” I agree! Makes me feel overwhelmed just thinking about all I need to write down. Of course, I’m confident that intimidation stops many people from moving forward in many circumstances. It’s easy to feel like something is too big of a task to move forward. But, that doesn’t stop this author from, a few lines later, propelling us forward with the statement “Responding to your destiny is non-negotiable.” That should have ended with an exclamation mark in my opinion. Whhaatt!?!? Pressure pressure (biting nails). So I’m thinking, alright Lord, what are you doing? Because, as a Christian, I know that it’s true! I can’t NOT walk in my gifting(s) just because it seems like a daunting a task. The same way I can’t sit still and not write out my vision (or my gifting if you will) because it’s intimidating. Haven’t you heard that those who fail to plan, plan to fail? Let me just say that I don’t think that the non-negotiable part is common knowledge. Obviously people sit around not being productive all the time for extended periods of time. So I think of this statement as a caveat of sorts, you know, one of those 'those who know better do better' type of statements. So, what do we do about the fact that writing the vision down part is so intimidating!?!? It’s absolutely not enough just make that statement. I’m pretty confident Darius would say, so glad you asked (smile wink). He wraps up the book with a solution! Everyone has heard of a Vision Board, no? I’ve heard of them and done them in the past. But, what this book does is opens up your mind, imagination, and spirit to the details of the process that I personally have not come across in the past. It gives instructions and visual aid on creating a written vision that will help you be more specific, timely and effective in acting out the steps towards walking in your gifting/vision. It helps you strategize! (one of my favorite words). Honestly, the only reason I am not writing the specifics here is because I want you to BUY the book and Read it for yourself! If you are a prolific reader like me, it will only take you a little over an hour, and I probably only went over an hour because I was underlining and highlighting as I went along.After reading I had a much more optimistic perception of moving forward with my 2017 annual Vision board. But this doesn’t just have to be for this year, remember, there are no limits! I’m SO pumped! So, thank you Darius Brown for allowing God to use you to share part of your Vision with the rest of us. This is so very helpful for people like me who like to write lists, be creative, and yet set attainable goals to preferably be met on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Thumbs up! #WorkingonmyVisionBoardNow!

by Mohan Jean-Mary on Employed By My Vision

What a timely read. . It was the motivation that I needed to take my business to the next level!! No limits will be able to stop it! I'm excited about the next 5 years of my vision..Now its time to right a 20 year plan! My desire is for people to know the potential that lives within them..Thank you Darius! Truly blessed..


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