Are you Gifted but Stuck in Neutral?

Introduction of Vision “Vision is the headlights to the vehicle called purpose which drives you towards your destiny.”– Darius Brown There is something that all humans need to find. It is the most essential discovery in life. It is more valuable than finding gold, silver, platinum, diamonds or vast amounts of crude oil. It is […]

12 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur

On March 1, 2017, in Entrepreneurs & Vision, by Darius Brown

Almost every article ever written about entrepreneurship suggests that it’s not for everyone. And yet the articles go on to list attributes that many successful people possess as the traits commonly associated with great entrepreneurs, such as a strong work ethic, persistence, persuasiveness and discipline. For 25 years, I have studied entrepreneurs and discovered that […]

Your “Major” Isn’t That Major!

On September 11, 2012, in Education & Vision, by Darius Brown

Understanding, Understanding There are different languages of understanding. One language can be considered, “Godly wisdom”; another, “man’s knowledge”. Man’s knowledge comes from the world and Godly wisdom comes straight from heaven. It is revealed by the Holy Spirit or through the Word. Godly wisdom cannot be communicated without faith because faith is its mouthpiece. Without […]