“Your Mistakes Are Not Bigger Than Your Purpose.” – Darius Brown

Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes.

I know, you hate them right? I think we all do. Mistakes have this natural way of letting us know, “You are not all of that and a bag of chips with sour cream dip on the side.” Mistakes are quite humbling, and for some people, crushing and depressing. Mistakes seem like they can be the turning point of a person’s life or the destruction of one’s destiny. But what makes the successful “successful” and the losers “losers”. Is it the fact that the successful don’t make any mistakes? If you said yes to that question, then maybe you are right, to you. But in all reality it is wrong because people who have succeeded at any level have made more mistakes than you would imagine.

I firmly believe that mistakes are a clear indication of forward movement and progression. Speaking personally, I have made TONS of crucial mistakes that should have crushed my dreams, destiny and vision. BUT as one of my songs say, Your mistakes are not bigger than your purpose.” : )

I had to stick to that mantra and truth to continue to not only move forward in life, but also learn from every pitfall, mistake, mess up etc. It wasn’t about me simply being mentally strong and moving forward though. Your mistakes can only be used for good if you understand that they are ammunition for your PURPOSE to be revealed to the world. Your pain from mistakes is someone else’s BREAKTHROUGH and moment of CLARITY!

Those who are afraid of making mistakes will never achieve ANYTHING in life. I make mistakes daily, but that is only because I am in the pursuit of purpose. Even though I read books and feed myself information daily to grow into the person I need to be, none of those things have taught me great lessons like a mistake. Matter of fact, mistakes sometime bring the knowledge you know to life so that you may know how to use it effectively.

In conclusion, I say to;

the young woman who had a baby at a young age

the young man who has a criminal offense

the parent who was not there for their children like they should have been

the heart breaker and manipulator

the drug addict, etc.

you can GET UP, because your mistakes are not bigger than your God given Purpose on earth. FIND YOUR PURPOSE and Excel in it!




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