“Words do not exist without action.” Darius Brown

I know, You have a alot of dreams right? Maybe you’re trying to lose the weight you promised you’ll lose to live a healthier life? You have told all your friends that you’re going to accomplish a certain goal, and they are still asking you, “what happened?”

To me, It seems as if we depend on our words a lot to say things that make us look good for the sake of our own self esteem. But at times we don’t follow through on those “Promising” words of hope, goals and ambition. I understand exactly how this goes. As much as a natural talker that I am, it is easy for me to say things that i mean well to do and actually not do them. But I had an intervention one day and a question entered my mind.

The question is this, “If I were unable to speak for the rest of my life, what would my life say?”


This question hit me like a ton of bricks!!!  If i was not able to speak for the rest of my life, will my actions still show that I am committed to the Faith, Purpose, Vision and Goals that I have?

I propose this same question to you today and urge you to take action on the goals, dreams and plans you have instead of just talking about them to look good and feel accepted.

Always remember that “Words do not exist without action.”



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