The 5 Powers That Performance Coaching Provides to Help You Unleash Your Potential

Focus – Focus is critical to top performance, having a coach is perhaps the best way to increase this power. Having a coach can help you stay focused, help you determine your goals (or understand them if they already exist), and then help you stay focused on achieving those goals.

Perspective –  Most people don`t accurately see their strengths, or their weaknesses, and a coach can offer that perspective, help you keep those insights in mind, and help you use those perspectives to create greater results.

Feedback Are you getting better? By how much? Is the improvement fast enough? What are you missing? These, and a hundred other questions, can be answered with the help of a coach. Coaches are in a position to give you feedback, and great coaches give that feedback timely, wisely and skillfully to help you get the most from your experiences.

Accountability –  If you are serious about your performance and improving, you must hold yourself accountable for your actions, thoughts, habits, choices and results. While some are more capable of this than others,
when you have a partner who cares about you and wants you to succeed, they can help hold you accountable. This is one of the biggest powers a coach offers you.

Synergy – Have you noticed that a team can achieve more than an individual? Do you believe in synergy? Coaches hold you responsible, but are “on your team” and help you move forward faster through the power of synergy.


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