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Exactly what I needed!

I have a small business that I'm building. I have so many ideas and needed a way to bring them into fruition! I met with Coach Darius yesterday, and I am completely overwhelmed by the way he has opened my eyes! Let me tell you, the man has the tools you need to be successful! He showed me the areas I need to work on and was such an encouragement! I will be continuing to work with Darius and I know that with his expertise, my business will be a success!

by Yasmeen Ibrahim on Employed By My Vision
Servant Leader

I have so much respect and honor for coach Darius, he has impacted my life in so many different aspects. I personally want to thank you coach for being who you are. You're more than a coach and I can confidently say that many of us agree on that fact. You focus on building us up and bringing the geartness out of each one of us. You are the blessing that I needed to overcome various challenges during a specific session in my life. I appreciate you so much words can't describe the joy I have in my heart for you. I recommend Darius to anyone that is looking to expand in life. If your reading the reviews that's a sign to just take the action. He will not disappoint you.

by Nicole Chaplin on Employed By My Vision

I want to say that Coach Darius is compassionate about what he does. He has the drive in him to see others succeed. With the fast pace world we live in its important to have that voice - coaching you - cheering you - strategizing with you, to see you take your life to the next level. Our conversation not only was spectacular but heartfelt and I know GOD always has a plan so know that Darius truly only wants to HELP you go all the way. I recommend him to anyone wanting to become better in their career and also in their life overall. Cheers to Coach Darius.

by Mariah Person on Employed By My Vision

God is good! Coach Darius deserves nothing less than 5 stars. I'm a 19 year old college student born to be ambitious but I had no education in time management. I really did believe it was the hand of God when my mentor pointed me in his direction. All it took was one phone call to know he is a sincere, Kingdom man, with a purpose to help others find their self worth. I'm so so thankful!! Only 2 phone calls in and honestly he feels like he's family. He understands that in order to build anyone up that the foundation is the most important. I feel like I'm blabbering but this man is so so awesome, if you ever ever felt like you need help putting your life in order SIGN UP ASAP!!! Even if you feel like you have everything in control, sign up with him ASAP. He is taking people to amazing placing BEYOND their dreams and he wants to help you too!!! Who doesn't want to be employed by their vision?

It was so beneficial to have this conversation because it allowed me to open up about my ideas, thoughts, and issues. I'm encouraged and grateful to have him coach me towards creating a successful business and be a light for God at the same time! I definitely can trust his input and methods!

I enjoyed speaking with Darius today. I felt empowered and moved by his words. It was everything I needed to hear. Thanks!

Goals/Life Coaching Session

It was a pleasure to speak with Coach Brown. He
is a great listener who is able to communicate your ideas into real life goals. He is great at advising based on what you want to do in life.

by Dina Malala on Employed By My Vision
Inspiring Session

I had my first coaching session with Darius today and it was great! Darius is a very wise man with wise words. He is able to help you think outside of the box and think about things that may not have ever crossed your mind in order to reach your maximum potential. In addition to this, Darius is very encouraging and it's obvious that he has the best interests for his clients. I strongly recommend everyone to schedule a coaching session with Darius. Darius will help you recognize what we live for and what it takes to live a life of purpose.

by Starlet Ware on Employed By My Vision
Life/Vision/Time Coaching

I have to say the time spent with Darius Brown was enlightening, helpful and productive. I am so glad I was led to him by God through a friend. In my 3 visits with him from Monday, Tuesday and this Morning, I have my plan of action, my daily schedule and words of encouragement to work from. God bless you Darius for the well spent time. I look forward to continuing this partnership.


The session was extremely amazing. It was extremely beneficial how my ideas were structured. I clearly see how I will be able to accomplish all my goals.

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