The Trader Joe’s Lesson: How to Pay a Living Wage and Still Make Money in Retail

On March 13, 2017, in Community & Vision, Employment & Vision, Entrepreneurs & Vision, by Darius Brown

The average American cashier makes $20,230 a year, a salary that in a single-earner household would leave a family of four living under the poverty line. But if he works the cash registers at QuikTrip, it’s an entirely different story. The convenience-store and gas-station chain offers entry-level employees an annual salary of around $40,000, plus […]

Middle class earns money doing things they don’t like to do… World class gets rich doing what they love

On March 10, 2017, in Employment & Vision, Entrepreneurs & Vision, Finances & Vision, by Darius Brown

The average person finds a job or career they can tolerate and sticks with it for years while dreaming of retirement. In recent years people have held multiple jobs with different companies and even changed occupations, but the mindset of the masses hasn’t changed. The majority of people drag themselves to a job they don’t […]