Why I Dropped Out of College

On March 7, 2017, in Education & Vision, Entrepreneurs & Vision, by Darius Brown

ROI wasn’t worth it Too many people “Wish they had not gone.” Felt too “entitled” while in school Knew there were other options Didn’t want to waste $ “figuring it out” I can always go back “I didn’t go to college. Well, I went to college but I dropped out. I have always been entrepreneurial and […]

Your “Major” Isn’t That Major!

On September 11, 2012, in Education & Vision, by Darius Brown

Understanding, Understanding There are different languages of understanding. One language can be considered, “Godly wisdom”; another, “man’s knowledge”. Man’s knowledge comes from the world and Godly wisdom comes straight from heaven. It is revealed by the Holy Spirit or through the Word. Godly wisdom cannot be communicated without faith because faith is its mouthpiece. Without […]